Hi and welcome to my website.

My focus is on technology and programming, predominately Python, Linux and Linux server administration.

I have had a long history of programming although this is not my day-job, starting with BASIC on a Sinclair ZX81 in the early 1980s, Visual Basic in the 1990s and Bash Scripting in 2000.

With the release of the Arduino and the RaspberryPi my programming itch was reawakened, beyond Bash scripting under Linux and following some C++ with the Arduino, I took the Python for Everybody Specialization course on Coursera from the University of Michigan which introduced me not only to Python but also to Dr. Chuck a Professor who introduced me to and taught me to love Python.

Since completing the Python for Everybody Specialization course in 2015 I have taken a number of other courses on Coursera relating to programming in Python and Data Analysis and have written a number of programmes to automate tasks at work, predominately for data mining, analysis and visualisation (see Projects) and have a web application in progress for standardising, collating and reporting cost reporting for industry.